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venerdì 19 agosto 2016

Dead Or Alive - 1980/1984

Attention this collection is not an official release of the band.
But these are some Songs of the first period of the band

which in my opinion was the best and the most approachable 
to the old NEW WAVE early 80s British.
ENJOY ! ! ! 

01 I'm Falling 
02 Flowers
03 Number Eleven
04 Namegame
05 It's Been Hours Now
06 Whirlpool
07 Nowhere To Nowher
08 It's Been Hours Now #2
09 Give It To Me
10 Misty Circles
11 Absolutely Nothing
12 What I Want
13 The Stranger
14 Some Of That
15 Misty Circles (Instrumental)
16 Selfish Side
17 Sit On It 
18 Far Too Hard

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