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venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

X Beliebig - X Beliebig (1982)

01 Morgen
02 Stell' Die Frage Nicht
03 Antlitz
04 Unheimliche Begegnung
05 Verlogen
06 Silberneue Traüme
07 Ha!
08 Fort
09 Warum

5 commenti:

  1. I have send many emails to this address over the past few months and NEVER recieved an answer...

    1. Are you sure of what you write? maybe you have the wrong e-mail? you confused? and then how can you say you have sent e-mails in the last few months if X-beliebig was shared just six days ago?

      try again ! ! !

  2. No... i'm not sure of what i'm saying... yes i'm confused and i think i'm getting crazy...
    WHat kind of answer was that?????...

    Anyway, nice blog congratulations!

    [No further comment]

    1. It is impossible not to respond to your comment:

      Thanks for the compliments on my blog. but I assure you that I do not ever trash the emails that I get. maybe yours is happened by chance in the spam folder sometimes it happens I'm sorry.
      however, if you want you can also ask directly here the passwords you need for the downloads I do not have any problem to give them to you.
      my readers I can confirm that I do not make fun of anyone.
      good day.

  3. please post the pass here.



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