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sabato 8 dicembre 2012

Variété Kontrast - Variété Kontrast (1984)

01 Modernite
02 Sommeil
03 Zephre
04 Poussiere
05 Schlafwandel
06 Jamais Plus
07 Deja Trop Tard
08 Nocturne
09 Voyeurs
10 Wanx
11 Ausgedacht
12 Moi Et Mon Image

3 commenti:

  1. hi,

    i send you a mail requesting a password for variete contrast but it returned to me

    what is going on?

    can you write a password for this release?

    1. Hello Pawel,I do not know what happened, I usually answer or try to answer all of my readers. however, there are no problems for the password. give me your e-mail address and I'll send you the pass for download. ;)
      or write me on my FACEBOOK.

  2. Thanks - my mail is


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